A Successful Collaboration

Together with the team of Lamers Sport & Lifestyle we designed their new gym shirts and we couldn’t be happier with the end result!


We completely customised the form for every size in order to fit an athlete’s body completely and to allow them to move freely in the shirt. 


Along with the customised size, we made sure the fabric is comfortable to wear and is durable. We hope all the people at the gym will enjoy working out in the shirt as much as we enjoyed bringing it to life!


Are you looking for original and fashionable quality shirts? For instance for your company team, gym or event?

Find more information about our process below or feel free to contact us! 


Strong viking run


The red shirt was made for a group of people who participated in the Strong Viking run, which explains the logo on the front. The main request was to have every single person's name printed on the back.

A furry christmas present


This shirt was made for a dog loving family as a Christmas present. The design we made is based on two pictures of their dogs.

Strong sister run


This shirt was made for a group of friends who participated in the Strong Sister Run. We really believed that neon pink fit best with this shirt and truly like the outcome. All their names were printed on the front, while on the back of the shirt the Girl Power icon was featured. 

A single ridgeback shirt


The ridgeback shirt was made upon a request after a family noticed our husky t-shirts. A request was made whether we could make a shirt based on a picture of their daughter's dog and we really love how it turned out!

Would you like your own t-shirt based on a picture, idea or design you have? 

Feel free to contact us! dmgapparel@outlook.com


Whether you already have a design in mind or are completely open to new ideas. We will digitise your design or create a design together with you.

Customised size

You can completely customise your design in terms of measurements as well. You decide on the length and the width (chest, waist and hips).


A sample design will be produced first in order to provide you with an idea of the final product, before the bulk order will be produced.


Both the sample design and the bulk order will be delivered right to your door. 

Let us create for you.



Orders from 100 pieces

  • Customised design, colour and measurements.

  • Customised fabric choice.

  • Sample t-shirt included.

Orders below 100 pieces

  • Minimum quantity order of 1 shirt

  • Customised print

  • Choice of shirt colour

We can help you create the perfect design for your needs. 

Any questions or inquiries, contact us now.