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Unique items for you.

Looking for a specific accessory for your festival outfit? Looking for a bucket hat that is your size and fits your style? At DMG Apparel we can custom make several types of accessories/garments for you. Think of bucket hats, shirts, cargo belts, bags or even tie dye socks! 

Whether you already have the fabric laying at home or have a specific colour/fabric in mind. We can create your desired item from the fabric you already have (in consultation with us, to see if it's possible to create the item from the specific fabric) or we can go looking for the desired colour/fabric at our local suppliers. 

You can be as involved with the process as you would like. 

Check out our portfolio below or contact us about the possibilities. 


Strong viking run


The red shirt was made for a group of people who participated in the Strong Viking run, which explains the logo on the front. The main request was to have every single person's name printed on the back.

Strong sister run


This shirt was made for a group of friends who participated in the Strong Sister Run. We really believed that neon pink fit best with this shirt and truly like the outcome. All their names were printed on the front, while on the back of the shirt the Girl Power icon was featured. 


Cargo belts can be custom made in different colours, lengths and fabrics.


Bucket hats can be custom made in different colours, sizes and fabrics. Jeans that you don't use anymore, but would like to reuse? We can create a bucket hat for you.

A furry christmas present

A single ridgeback shirt


This shirt was made for a dog loving family as a Christmas present. The design we made is based on two pictures of their dogs.


The ridgeback shirt was made upon a request after a family noticed our husky t-shirts. A request was made whether we could make a shirt based on a picture of their daughter's dog and we really love how it turned out!

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