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Live unrestricted series

An IGTV series by DMG Apparel

The Live Unrestricted Series is an IGTV format developed by DMG Apparel. In this series the creators behind DMG Apparel go out of their way to surprise someone in every episode. The purpose: give them the best day of their lives. 

"Live Unrestricted is a phrase on which the brand DMG Apparel was build. To continue spreading our message, we created this series to engage with our community and bring them along our journey"

You can be part of this series! Have you always wanted to do something, be part of something or surprise someone? You can now submit your bucket list item for yourself or someone else and maybe DMG Apparel will make it come true.

Submit your idea below!

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Submit your bucket list item!



In our pilot episode we get to surprise Sarah with something she's been wanting to do for ages!

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