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creator community

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What is the creator community?

A group of people who like to create things. Get the chance to create with DMG

Apparel together. Be inspired, learn and most importantly create, in any way

you would like to. Being part of the creator community means:


  • Free workshops (organised by DMG)

  • Activities

  • Create new items with us (and get paid commission)

  • Join us for a day (meeloopdagen) for students 

  • Getting involved in our production process  

  • Getting inspired by each other

  • Feedback on work (on our work and each other's work) 

  • Marketing content creation/ graphic design/photo/video for portfolio expansion
    or study assignments 

The process:

-Contact us via e-mail or social media

-Submit your previous work, if we like it (remember you don't have to be a
professional yet!):

-Online meeting to get to know each other and if the vibe is there:

-Welcome to the creator community! Together we'll explore your passions. 


The Conflicted Sweater

During the planning of our re-launch in 2021 we had the idea to organise a design competition. Once we launched our competition on our socials we received a beautiful design by Luna. One that fit with our brand and one that tells a story. Just like the rest of our designs do. We contacted Luna with the great news and started working together on the production of the sweater. Once we got the first sample, we planned a photoshoot. We made lots of content on a rooftop in Rotterdam and used this in our marketing (our website and our social media). Curious about the story behind the design? Or would you like to get the Conflicted Sweater? Check it out!

Contact us

Interested in working with us and becoming part of the Creator Community? Or just curious about the possibilities? Feel free to contact us via email or send us an Instagram DM!

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