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The Diverge Collection represents our journey through life. To diverge means to go in a different direction.

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The Design Lab collection started as a passion project to create handmade items. Our very own Design Lab. 

Stylish and handmade dog accessories inspired by our three mascots: Dunya, Hunter & Bailey.

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Your favourite second hand items. Handpicked high quality vintage clothing.



How we started

A passion for business and fashion accompanied by a need for a creative outlet is what led the Geurtsen sisters to start DMG Apparel.

While we were both still students we felt like our studies were more focused on theory rather than gaining practical experience. An idea popped into our mind when we were shopping for new clothes and realised that we both liked the men's section a lot more. Why not start our own brand with unisex clothes? What started with a couple of basic designs grew into so much more when we taught ourselves the ins and outs of design, sewing and marketing.  

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. At DMG we want to be part of the change. Ever since 2020 all of our new designs are printed in a sustainable way and made with organic ring-spun combed cotton and/or recycled polyester. Furthermore, all items in our Design Lab collection are handmade and made from locally sourced materials. We make sure that every last piece of fabric is used or stored for later projects.

The collections

Our four collections represent our passion and our vision. The Diverge collection represents our journey through life. To diverge means to go in a different direction. To us, to not follow the 'rules' of society blindly. Our designs are inspired by our experiences and everything we see around us. The world is ever-changing and this collection represents our views and wishes to have a positive impact. Design Lab holds a series of items that were either handmade and sewn by us or items that were altered through our creativity. Our very own design lab. Adding the Dogg. collection was an easy decision. Our three adopted huskies are our mascots and our support system. As for our Vintage collection, we both have a love for thrifting and sustainable clothing. We handpick the highest quality clothes and repair them where needed.  

Our Story


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