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A passion for business and fashion accompanied by a need for a creative outlet is what led us to start our own company. So far, it has allowed us to gain practical skills next to our studies and explore the joys of running our own clothing brand

We started out with three T-shirt designs and a cap. However, the brand eventually grew into much more than we initially thought was possible. Along the way we started creating handmade items such our belts, as well as, looking into different options for creating and selling our designs/clothing. All of our items have a certain meaning to us. As we started this company with this need to share our take on life and the things we value, this was therefore also reflected in our clothing.


Volunteer Design, this shirt was designed with Demi's volunteering trip to the Dominican Republic in mind. In the summer of 2017, she volunteered at an orphanage and school in Santo Domingo. The profits made from the shirt have gone to making the trip possible and in turn to the children. Now, this shirt represents her time there and we hope it will continue to stimulate people to Do More. 


Bucket List Design, this was the first design we made and we loved the idea of having a sort of bucket list on the back. We are both very passionate and driven in life and love exploring and doing new things and we believe this shirt really represents us and our brand.


Neon Design, for this design we just really wanted something that was somewhat basic but had a nice eye catcher. We both love neon colours and we loved the idea of our year of birth in Roman letters on the sleeves.


Explore Cap, We both love to travel and explore places. For us, to explore really means visit places, learn about things and explore who you are through your experiences. Therefore, the text on the cap is not too far from what we would like to live by.




"Besides designing and selling shirts straight to the consumer, we also started working in the B2B industry. 
If a company,
organisation or store is in need or wants good quality t-shirts, designed in cooperation with us, we are here to help you get the best out of it! We have developed solid relationships with our suppliers who are able to customise their product to your needs exactly."


The geurtsen sisters

Studied International Business at the University of Groningen. In her free time, she enjoys making videos and taking pictures. She has a huge passion for travel, exploring places and meeting people from around the world.



Studies Entrepreneurship & Retail Management in Eindhoven. She has a passion for business and fashion and enjoys being creative in her free time.


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