For our re-launch we wanted to do something special and to say thank you to the people who help bring this vision that we have, alive. Therefore the first ten people to order after our re-launch will receive our sticker pack with their order and on top of that we have an extra surprise for one lucky person.

The Sticker Pack

The sticker pack includes three stickers (unless you order the alienated shirt, then it will include four!). Two stickers are based on our two mascots and the third one is a clean sticker with our logo on it. The sticker pack will also be available on our website to purchase!


Extra surprise

If you placed one of the first ten orders, you will also get a chance to win an extra surprise. This surprise can be customised to your wants. One lucky person gets to tag along with us for a day and you get to choose on what type of day this will be! Photoshoot day? IGTV series filming day? Going to thrift stores & local suppliers looking for goodies? Making handmade items? It's your choice.